Thursday, December 02, 2004

WAY behind the curve at this point...

With two weeks to go in the semester, things have gotten really hectic since returning from Thanksgiving Break. Papers to grade, exams to give, NET Bible material to edit, and an endless stream of extra pre-Christmas activities. Like delivering poinsettias yesterday: my teenage son, who is in acapella choir at his high school, sold 77 poinsettias so far in the annual choir fundraiser. (All but 5 were NOT sold to his parents!) So yesterday I put about 75 miles on the van driving around boxes of poinsettias (they come six to a box, about 2x3x3 feet square). My son, who drives a really small sports car, couldn't even fit a single box in, so I, who drive the family minivan, got to play FTD delivery person yesterday!

In addition I came back from San Antonio with a lot more items on my to do list than I went there with. Suddenly with publication of the NET-NTG diglot (a copublication with German Bible Society) we seem to have raised our profile and ended up on a lot more radar screens. Now people are coming to us wanting to be involved in some way, and there are many more things to be followed up than before (as if I didn't have enough already). One high-priority item will certainly be development of the NET GEMS (Greek-English Morphology and Syntax) database with Eric Sowell (codeveloper of NET GEMS, programmer extraordinaire, and president of Lexel Software ( We hope in the near future to have some material online for everyone to look at.


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