Monday, November 22, 2004

SBL in San Antonio

Another year, sore feet, and lots of talking...annual professional society meetings for Society of Biblical Literature have left me exhausted, and the alarm clock got messed up this a.m. and woke me up at half past five, so here we are. Can't go back to sleep so I might as well write. I have talked with an enormous number of people over the last few days, from N. T. (Tom) Wright and J. D. G. Dunn to Darrell Bock and Harold Hoehner (both the last two on sabbatical in Europe, so I haven't seen them in a while. It was also great to see Philip Davies from Sheffield, who dropped by (my one-time interim supervisor and an old friend!) and another old friend and fellow classmate from Sheffield, David Orton, now of DEO Publishing. Not enough time to mention everyone, of course, but then it's always fun to see what Roy Brown of Accordance [] has been up to with software development, as well as Dale, Bob, and the crew from Logos [] who always have something new to show off. Then last night I had the CSNTM [] annual board meeting, which went really well. Dan described the past year's activities which were pretty amazing.

For me the chief value of these meetings is in the contacts and the people I get to meet. And of course, I get to stand and let them come to me at the exhibition hall. As usual I have overcommitted myself on syntactical database development for the NT with my good buddy Eric [] resulting in my new motto: Done or dead by May! and my ongoing editorial work with NET Bible (final release version 1.0 ahead which is going to cause me to lose what hair I have left!). All on top of teaching full time, with two weeks left in the fall semester after Thanksgiving. Oh well. It beats being rich and famous I guess (but not by much!).


At November 22, 2004 at 10:01 AM, Blogger Tim Bulkeley said...

Welcome to the fellowship of bibliobloggers! As I only get to SBL about every two years I've enjoyed reading about this year's meet from various blogs. Do keep blogging, one thing it does is to extend the quasi-random "meeting" beyond the few days of the meetings...


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