Tuesday, November 23, 2004

More from SBL in San Antonio

Today, after the malfunctioning clock, was a REALLY long day...but a really good one. Howard Marshall, Douglas Moo, and Joel Green dropped by the NET Bible/Bible.org display (among a lot of others). It was nice to see Howard again since I had not seen him for a couple of years.

Had a great time with several software developers and scholars showing off the new NET GEMS (NET Greek-English Morphology and Syntax Project) DB which Eric and I are developing for deployment on the web. We hope in a month or so to have the first book ready to publish online so we can start getting feedback on the concept and also signing up participants to do more layers of the tagging. We have gotten a LOT of positive feedback lately about NET GEMS, especially about putting it online for free personal use and research. If only more publishers and developers were to catch the vision for putting stuff online for free (see www.bible.org) and not pricing things out of reach of normal users...We also got some good ideas from Rex Koivisto of Accordance, who suggested we incorporate with the syntactical tags the rationale for the tagging (an excellent idea but it gets wordy very fast).

Also got to spend some great time over a fantastic dinner with our very good friends from German Bible Society, Dr. Florian Voss and Dr. Bertram Salzmann, both of whom were in San Antonio for AAR/SBL. It is great to hear what GBS is doing...Darrell and Sally Bock were also at the dinner (they are in Tübingen this year on sabbatical from Dallas Seminary), and in addition Dan Wallace. We had about 14 people in the hotel restaurant altogether. We were at the Menger Hotel restaurant because the San Antonio River has flooded, causing the Riverwalk to be shut down, and the only restaurants open this evening in downtown SA were the hotel restaurants.

Tomorrow we get to go home after eight long days at ETS and AAR/SBL. This will probably be the last post for a few days since we are going out of town when I get back to Dallas, and will be gone over the Thanksgiving holidays.


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