Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Back from San Antonio at last!

And a great time was had by all...or something like that. Had a really successful trip and a great set of meetings. Today was only a half day (till noon) at the Exhibition Hall, so we packed up and were on our way by shortly after 1:00 pm (I think that's a new record). Drove through some of the worst weather I have ever seen (at least from inside a car) just south of Temple and on into Waco. For about 10 miles we were actually following a storm chaser (lots of antennas, decals on the back window, etc.) and I expected to see a tornado at any moment, but nothing came of it but heavy rain and light hail. Got home by 8:00 pm, after spending a lot of time in the car with Dave F. and Chris G. reflecting on the history of the NET Bible project ( over the last nine years. Next year will be NET's 10th anniversary and we will be in Philadelphia for AAR/SBL, which is where the whole thing started 10 years ago. Now if only we can remember where that Italian restaurant was where we plotted the whole NET Bible thing...


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